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Default 2003 Rincon having power issues

Hello and good day fellow riders!

I bought a 2003 Rincon after having it inspected from a dealer for a GREAT price. It runs great and shows no sign of being beaten. It was used by a farmer in Southern Indiana. I have had a problem with the indicator (it has a short) so sometimes I have to move the wires to get the signal to read "D". If it doesn't, you can tell it want's to move, but it doesn't. Little Grasshopper helped me with this with Oilcan and Elwood.. Thanks again. Now... I went on a trip where she was open trailered for about 2 hours in the rain. I put the second grade gas in it at fill up. Not the lowest or the highest, but the one in the middle, and so did everyone else. (6 quads). Right off the git (after we got there) i noticed a significant loss of power. After following the team for about 15 min, I asked to hold up and shut her off. I turned her back on to get a code 9 error. This relates to the green shift solenoid on the right hand side of the motor. It was NOT connected properly (loose). after plugging it in, the error was gone and she would go into drive and so forth. STILL WITH POWER LOSS. I felt like I was driving a tank with a 2 cylinder. oil level great, amsoil to boot. k and n air with outwears. no other mods other than 27-10-12 tires. she runs GREAT. doesn't skip a beat, just has NO power. I was literally crawling up big hills. It doesn't shift right either. In auto, I would have to back off the throttle to get it into 3rd. Top speed at that point was about 30. IF I pushed the throttle back down, it would downshift and only gain the rpm necessary to sustain the lower gear. It just wasn't moving. No higher rpm with more throttle, it was as if half throttle was all I would have. push more and get nothing.

Second... I was home for 24 hours (wife was at work). Started her up to go check on animals and boats because of raining and she runs PERFECT!.it was inthe DRY garage the whole 24 hours. I was doing 60 down the side of the field (yes with helmet).

I have yet to check much, just bounced ideas off oilcan and elwood who said to check plug and pull bowl off carb. I know that a block in the carb can settle and free up a jet again, but can't help but to think this may be because of the rain as well ? (we were traveling for 2 hours in rain on the way there).

I will update as I dig more, thought I would see if anyone else has this problem and maybe found a bad plug wire or ? I am also reading the history here on the site (it's great), so sorry if this problem has already been solved and I am wasting time for you.
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Jiggling wires is bad fix it yet? check the SP boot, or just replace it and the wire with new...(all that rain make me think this) she may look good but her panties have been on for 6+ years now... .
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By green connector are you talking about the final clutch connector that is located low on the bike?

Odds are the connection could be corroded since it is working at times but not others.You should be able to get in there with some contact cleaner which might fix the issue. Then some dielectric grease for preventative manintenance.

That is IF that is the problem. Replacing it would be the best option but I would try cleaning it first.

I'm not as familar with the carbed bikes as far as the codes but I'm pretty sure the connections are still the same colors.

And you are saying that your bike is shifting through the gears just shifting irratically and low on power?
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