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Default Troubleshooting a speed sensor problem

I am trying to troubleshoot an intermittent problem with what I think is the front speed sensor on my 2006 Rincon and would like some opinions. The problem mainly happens while stopped (but it has occurred while moving slowly) and the speed on my Rincon starts jumping erratically 57mph, 3mph, 80mph, 5mph, etc... and the anticreep function disengages. I have had it happen three times this year during my now 15 rides this summer. The first time I was riding a very difficult (dry) rocky trail (I ripped my CV boot on this ride). The second time I was stopped waiting for other riders to catch up (also dry). And the I had gone through a couple of streams and was waiting for other riders to catch up. It is pretty annoying when it happens because it will cause the speed governor to kick in and kills the engine. The DTC blinks one long and two short which indicates code 12 (front VSS no signal).

The other night while I decided to troubleshoot the front speed sensor using service manual. While I was at it I thought I would try to recreate the failure by disconnecting the front VSS. When I disconnected the front senor I ran the engine for a minute I was unable to get it to throw code 12. In fact I was able to drive around like normal placing it into 4wd and shifting gears and the speedometer was working. Ok I thought that was a bit strange so I also disconnected the rear speed sensor and again I was able to drive around like normal just that the speedometer wasn't reporting any speed. Next I reconnected the front sensor and I could drive around but I received no speed on the speedometer. As far as I can tell everything checks out (voltages and signals from the sensors).

At first I was thinking I had a bad front sensor but it appears that it might be caused from the rear as it appeared the rear is used to report the speed. Has anyone seen this behavior and or symptoms before?

One thing to note: On the last occurrence I started tearing into things a bit and noticed that the ECU below the handlebars and next to the storage box was hot (mainly from the engine heat coming off the radiator) Could it be possible that the heat could be contributing to the problem?


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ICM/ECM are both located behind and under the battery (right rear) Ithink you are looking at the coil/spark box if it is up front, If memory serves, it lies under the tank on the right side also.

Unplugging the sensor should = fault code. Try running it around a bit longer after you have cleared the old ones 1st, with the rear speed sensor unplugged.
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any luck fixing this problem i have a 2011 rincon doing similar things, i will be playing in some mud then i will slowdown to a stop he bike starts lunging forward and speedo go nuts cant put it in our wheel drive and feelslike the trans is slipping while taking off, if i turn the key off andwait ten seconds and start it back up it seems to operate fine untill im under heavy load in the mud
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Check the ground cables, engine to frame. Check and tighten the battery cables, wrench tight.
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i recently had front vss issues.
don't know if my problem relates to yours but i will try to explain and you can figure out if it applies to you.
i was doing an oil pressure test on mine recently and had the quad up in the air. all 4 tires off the ground. while running the quad in 2 wheel drive at 5000rpm to test pressures it kept kicking out with a code 5 and the 4wd light flashing.
aftetr a pretty extensive google search and a ton of reading i found out that if the rear wheels are turning at a high rate of speed and the computer senses the front wheels not turning fast enough the computer "assumes" there is a problem/fault with the front vss.
basically i was creating my own issue because the front wheels were not turning.
i can see this same situation happening if you are spinning in 2wd in mud etc etc.
hope this helps.
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I am still having the problem. It seems to happen 25-35 miles into a ride. I usually shut it down let it cool for a few minutes and never see it again for the remainder of the ride.

A while back I found a video on youtube of someone having a similar problem:

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i know this thread is old but i just restarted another one concerning this issue, it mostly seems woth mine when its hotter outside, alos notice turning it off for a while and letting it cool it will be fine for the rest of the day
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