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Stock (for Now)
Bought it off of a Craigs List lady in Southern NC. **** Lied about the condition of the engine and the amount of problems the dealer found. Luckily for her, I am a Retired Navy Mechanic with a great working knowledge of motorcycles! Lets just say, she didn't get her DEMANDING Price of $1300, but I didn't get my way either. Got it for $970. Its a work in progress! :-(
I have seen worse on CL and YouTube so I can consider myself lucky for the price, that it even runs!
2005 Honda Rincon (Green)


HA! ALL 4 wheels have plugs in them and are 98% bald! After I drove 2hrs (she gave me the wrong address) to look at it I couldn't have expected anything better. IT was night time with nothing but a flashlight for a light source. they had a jump box to jump start it
Engine has oil caked mud and dirt all over rear of it. Front Diffs are covered in Wet Oil and Dirt. Radiator has a small hole somewhere behind the oil cooler. Oil cooler line has a leak at the attachment point of oil lines. Was told the Torque Converter was the problem but it did move under its own power so I still have to investigate...! Front Diff is disconnected so don't know if 4 wheel drive actually works. No Codes are coming up so I hope for the best. Dealer receipt states that there is metal in the oil filter and that the Power Unit is actually worn out. 3 of 4 Ball joints are bad and 2 wheels are plugged and going flat. Oh, Disc Brake Rotor is eat up, so I am sure that the Pads are gone. No idea on Front Drums yet! Lets hope for the best, for me.
UPDATE! I drove it backwards about 20ft then forward 20ft. So it does move! I was scared to do more since the front diff was not bolted in place and the F-Drive shaft was disconnected. The Dealer took it apart to inspect the inside of front cases/ Torque Converter. Cheap Bitch was to cheap to have them put it back together in an effort to save a buck
Body work and panels are in sad shape but do-able!
It Does have a After Market Front Bumper, It also has some A-Arm Guards and a Trailer Hitch. So that's a Plus out of so many Negatives!
From the looks of the rest of the quad, atleast I can say that the Shocks seem the be the only things that seem to be in reliable working condition!
The most comfortable thing on this quad is the self wrapped seat cover that looks more like extra skin that people get from a massive weight loss diet! the Grips are worse than the tires and barely on. the Shift Lever grip was swollen like it had blistered some how so I took it off and put a Advance Auto Shift Ball on it.
Wheel and Tire
Lights, and dash screen do work. not sure if it is accurate or an ebay replacement but the high amount of miles makes me believe it is correct.



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