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  1. Drivetrain
    I have a 03 Rincon 650 I bought the bike used and it rode great. I decided that it was time for a oil change so I changed oil and filter with the Honda 40w. After that it started having troubles pulling!! I've had the case apart and checked the low clutches and they are fine. I did find a inner...
  2. Drivetrain
    I have a 350es that idles fine but as soon as you touch the gas it spits pops and bangs like it hits a rev limiter its doing this at a very low rpm, not even enough rpms to move the bike more than 1mph I installed a new carb and cdi box last week then it did this last week and when I shut it off...
  3. Rincon General
    2012 rincon 680 she fires up on starter fluid, I’ve replaced the fuel pump and injector, did the updated filter kit. And replaced the line to the injector as well. It’s getting gas. Just seems the injector isn’t spraying or something ? Tested the plug on it and it’s got 12v. Any suggestions ?
  4. Drivetrain
    It usually starts up fine and still did today . I went for a ride the gas meter blinks and don’t show the actual amount of gas , also learned that my quad don’t like reverse it shut off today after backing it up , then I put it in neutral and it took a good minute for it to start and then it...
1-4 of 4 Results