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  1. Drivetrain
    When I had bought the quad it was IMPOSSIBLE to pull start. It also ran hot, loud, and had a constant ticking in the top end. I was flipping through some posts the other day and noticed a comment about a warn cam causing noise. Sure enough last winter I pulled the engine to go through it...
  2. Maintenance
    Hi friends, Sounds like a quad in start up. Once she warms up and I start riding she starts to tik. (Almost like a shutter noise) sounds like it’s coming from the front (top) engine. It’s there on idle (not as loud) but where she’s going at a continuous speed it makes the sounds again. Once I...
  3. Rincon General
    Hello riders, I'm not sure is my title correct but I'll try to explain what's going on. So basically I took Rincon out from garage engine is running I smoke ciggarete 5mins, outside is 2 Celsius. I start going and if I hit full throttle in 3rd gear I hit like 50mph and engine starts revving like...
  4. Rincon General
    Hello everyone I need to put turn indicators on my rincon, no idea what is best to put and how it looks. Really don't want to fail with. If you have some pics please share really want to see how it looks or you have some advice what's good and not also cool to know. Thank you for your time 🤝🙂
  5. Electrical
    Hey everyone, I read too many of the forums and Facebook posts lol. I have a 2007 Rincon that started for 15 secs then died. It cranks but doesn't start. Troubleshooted the spark plug and changed it for a new one. Still no spark. I tested the conductivity between all the wires from the ckp...
  6. Rincon General
    2012 rincon 680 she fires up on starter fluid, I’ve replaced the fuel pump and injector, did the updated filter kit. And replaced the line to the injector as well. It’s getting gas. Just seems the injector isn’t spraying or something ? Tested the plug on it and it’s got 12v. Any suggestions ?
1-6 of 6 Results