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  1. Rincon General
    Pump the brakes.. I'm not that guy that knows nothing about the Rincon. I am curious if there's anyone that has had experience with recent models of both. I am used to Rincons. Not the 680's but the 650's (2003-2005). I'm assuming that the 2022 Rincon 680 and 2005 Rincon 650 are very similar...
  2. Modifications
    I have a hitch trailer ball on back and my brother ran into it with his quad,,(approx 15-20 mph) my 2004 650 rincon will manually shift into Drive N Reverse'grinds into gear like normal and reverse lite comes on, or in drive,nuetral light goes out(Shifter below handle bars on left( it...
  3. Maintenance
    Hi,just a note from my own personal trials/err ....I have several Hondas and have been using a 20 50 synthetic oil for over a year now ( just on this one, with manual and electric shift. 2 to 4WD on the fly. ESP).. it seems to help with alot of issues from here. *shifts from D/N/R easier , no...
  4. Drivetrain
    Hey guys i have a 05 650 rincon. Im having problems with the transmission. In either esp or Auto i can move the shift to drive or reverse and i can feel it catch but it just wont move. I have the right amount pf fluid in it, what could making this problem? Any feedback would be great Thanks, Flukem
  5. Electrical
    Hey everyone, I read too many of the forums and Facebook posts lol. I have a 2007 Rincon that started for 15 secs then died. It cranks but doesn't start. Troubleshooted the spark plug and changed it for a new one. Still no spark. I tested the conductivity between all the wires from the ckp...
  6. New Members
    Hello, I have a 2004 Rincon, definitely an ATV that I grew up on for 16 years and that I wanna keep working and running. I've checked the oil, and done the tire pressure checks. How do I check the transmission oil exactly??
  7. Drivetrain
    Hello y’all, I’m stuck with this transmission issue on my 2012 Honda rincon 680. The bike since I got it would grind pulling from Neutral to reverse, then it wouldn’t even go into reverse unless I slammed it from drive into reverse straight across OR I put into reverse while it was off and...
  8. Drivetrain
    It usually starts up fine and still did today . I went for a ride the gas meter blinks and don’t show the actual amount of gas , also learned that my quad don’t like reverse it shut off today after backing it up , then I put it in neutral and it took a good minute for it to start and then it...
1-8 of 8 Results