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  1. Rincon General
    Took my 2010 Rincon up to the hunting camp this past weekend and right off the bat I started Having problems. It was a little cold up there and when I first Took off and got on the throttle something would let loose and the engine would rev way up and and tires wouldn’t spin the. It would shut...
  2. Drivetrain
    I have a 03 Rincon 650 I bought the bike used and it rode great. I decided that it was time for a oil change so I changed oil and filter with the Honda 40w. After that it started having troubles pulling!! I've had the case apart and checked the low clutches and they are fine. I did find a inner...
  3. Drivetrain
    Buenos amigos, saludos, queria saber si alguien por aqui me ayuda, tengo una honda trx 650 gps, el problema es que no me agarra la doble y no se como funciona. Agradecería mucho si alguien me puede ayudar. MUCHAS GRACIAS DE ANTE MANO
  4. Modifications
    I have a hitch trailer ball on back and my brother ran into it with his quad,,(approx 15-20 mph) my 2004 650 rincon will manually shift into Drive N Reverse'grinds into gear like normal and reverse lite comes on, or in drive,nuetral light goes out(Shifter below handle bars on left( it...
  5. Midwest
    Hi I have the shift-grinding issue and some gear slip on my 05 rincon. Looking for a mechanic in northern Ohio (will travel if need be) to get her fixed up. -thanks a bunch
  6. Drivetrain
    Hey guys i have a 05 650 rincon. Im having problems with the transmission. In either esp or Auto i can move the shift to drive or reverse and i can feel it catch but it just wont move. I have the right amount pf fluid in it, what could making this problem? Any feedback would be great Thanks, Flukem
  7. Rincon General
    Howdy everyone. I’ve been following the threads here for about a month now. Very helpful and very informative. But here is the issue I have going on. I bought a 650 rincon for the cheap price. LoL The rig had been flipped on asphalt and needed some repairs, mostly cosmetic. So I put it in the...
  8. Drivetrain
    Hey guys, new to this forum here, and hoping to get some help diagnosing my Rincon. Its a 2003 650 that I just bought. The seller told me it had just recently started grinding when shifting from neutral to forward or reverse, so I bought it knowing it would need some work. First thing I did was...
  9. Drivetrain
    I have a 2005 rincon 680 quad. I have been searching for answers to this problem so I hope someone can help. When I go from neutral to drive the transmission grinds when putting it in gear but will engage. Once it is in gear forward driving is good. My problem really shows up when trying to...
  10. New Members
    Hello, I have a 2004 Rincon, definitely an ATV that I grew up on for 16 years and that I wanna keep working and running. I've checked the oil, and done the tire pressure checks. How do I check the transmission oil exactly??
1-10 of 10 Results