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2003 TRX650 Intercooler fan issue

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So i have a 2003 Rincon 650 and the radiator fan will not kick on. i did the test with the two sensors by grounding them but it still wont turn on. the only way it runs is when its connected directly to power. i checked the connector and it seems to be fine. the fuse is also good and i tested voltage to the fan when its plugged in normallly and was getting around 300 millivolts. could this be a wire harness issue? any help would be greatly appreciated
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I could be a wiring issue like a cut wire, a plug connector, or even the ECM..

Do you have a service manual?
I do not have a service manual. Its also losing power a good bit when im pulling something but I'm not sure if thats to do with it over heating or something in the trans
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