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2008 TRX680 Spark only when cranking

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We pulled it out from being packed up over the winter. Did the maintenance and fired it up, the battery was dead but jumped it from the car. It ran like a champ as long as it was connected to the car. As soon as you unhooked it, the atv died. I tested it a couple times with the same results. And then it just stopped getting spark. I tested the pickup coil by doing an ohm check and it wasn't returning any connection. I figured the stator and pickup were out and just replaced them.

Now I have spark and the bike will start and react to throttle as long as the start button is depressed. As soon as the button is released the bike dies and there is no spark. I've checked and cleaned connections. I'm at a loss on this.

Any ideas pointing in a direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
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