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2023 Rincon

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Well, after one year of ownership, I traded the Grizzly in for a new Rincon. I guess I just like the Honda platform better! I reused some of my previous accessories on this one.
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Nice. We don't get new Honda utility ATV's in Australia any more. The government mandated all new utility quads must have roll over protection so then all main manufacturers stopped importing. Only Chinese made new quad bikes here now.
Sport quads are exempt???
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Man, what a shame that is. Looks like you have so much beautiful land to explore down there on ATV’s too. Hopefully they still allow you to ride your existing ones without that goofy cage on them. Darn government.
My Ricochet skids showed up today. I installed them and took it for its first ride. Forgot how nice a brand new Rincon feels. Perfectly quiet and smooth. Everything feels just right.
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