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27 inch Mud Machines on Rincon

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I was wanting to get opinions on running 27 inch Bi and Tri Claws on a Honda Rincon. Sizes would be 27x9 front and 27x12 rear. Would I feel any major powerloss running these. My Rincon is all stock might plan on jetting and kn the filter. Also by running 12 inch wide tires on stock rims would they hang out way to much. I would truely appreciate anyones imput on this as soon as possible.
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I run 27" Dirt Devils, you will notice a power loss. I can still do a wheelie with my Rincon, run 56MPH on the flat. None of that bothers me, the rear tires don't stick out much at all, maybe an inch on each side. I love the Dirt Devils, my Rincon handles much better.

When was the last time you were at The Hatfield McCoy Trails, I was there three times and really enjoyed it very much. If you feel you have enough trails in Beckley please let me know I'd like to ride some where new for a change. Is there a fee to ride, let me know at [email protected]
My Dad runs these tires on his Rincon and you can notice a lil power lose in the thick mud.You can run these on stock wheels and they dont stick out alot,but the whisker's on the tires will rub the battery box.
Hey thanks for your alls responses. But I gave up on the idea of these tires. I just ordered a set of Maxxis Radial Big Horns today. Also Straight8 you have mail.
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