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450R Announced

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I saw the webcast on the Honda Riders Club of America site tonight. It was interesting but not terribly informative.

What I did learn was that they added a third piston ring, which may cure the problems somebody mentioned somewhere about how the CRF450R motor tended to go through pistons frequently.

What I also think I saw is that the 450R is KICKSTART ONLY. There does not appear to be an electric starter, and there definitely is no reverse. They panned the camera across the handlebars and I paused it on the left side and there is NO start button, just a hot-start lever. Very interesting.

No mention of price. Guess we'll find out on the Honda website in another hour and ten minutes when the details get posted.

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Okay, the details page is now up... and quite honestly, I'm disappointed.

$6499 and NO ELECTRIC START. I personally won't own one in that case. The whole reason I don't have a Banshee is because it's kick-start. I hate 'em and refuse to deal with 'em.

Hell even Yamaha had the good sense to put electric start on the YFZ450. But Honda wouldn't, nope, and it STILL weighs 350 lbs. So Yamaha has a huge advantage... they can lose the battery and electric starter and use the optional kickstarter and drop 15 lbs. Plus for the $400 price difference you get the fully adjustable shocks.

What a joke.

The 450R has fully adjustable shocks. The 450R also doesn't have an aluminum rear swing arm like the YFZ 450. That is why it weighs 350lbs with no electric starter. Why do you think they put the R in the name? It's ready to race, and that's why the kickstart is in there. I would have no problem with a kickstart. Most racers think electric start is for pansies. lol

I think it will be very impressive when some people actually ride it.
I have been reading many posts on the 450r and it is the 42hp stock and 48hp with minor modifications that I am excited about.

As for the electric start and lack of reverse. If that is what you are looking for then this is not the right quad for you. This is to be the new R and has a great deal to live up to (people are still racing the 250r's).

From the looks of it, Honda may have hit the nail on the head, but only time will tell.
Here's the thing... Yamaha didn't leave out electric start on their "race ready" YFZ450. This is because they knew there would be lots of people who would want it as a duner or other non-race machine. That would be me.

I will not deal with a kickstart. Flat out won't do it. I don't care how "easy" it's supposed to be. I would rather have a recoil starter.

I think Honda has alienated a lot of potential buyers because of not having an electric starter. They should have done like Yamaha and made the kickstart optional so racers could remove the starter and battery.

BUT, much like the Rincon and it's hardline 600 lb dry weight, I suspect that they ran out of "weight" to add and had to leave it off to satisfy the big wigs. That's why the Rincon has little or no skidplate protection out of the box.

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