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Engine starts, runs fine. But when i put it in gear it wont go forward or bacwards.Checed the dip stick an oil level is fine.

And than i checed the line pressure.
The oil pressure gauge showes 0 psi.

then i removed the cranckcase cover and pulled of the torque converter.

The oil pump chain was still on, but was very slakk.
Dissambeld the oil pump. All of the O- rings seems to be fine.

In the bottom of the oil pan from the crancase cover i find 2 small broken plastic parts.
I dissambeld the tensioner lifter. And the chain guide. The chain guide was missing 2 plastic parts and was the 2 pices i found in the oil pan.

And than i noticed that a little pice of aluminium was broken next to the botton end of the groove. I could not find that little piece of aluminium anywhere.

So what do you think? Did the slakk chain cause the oil pump not to work?

Or did the plastic parts cause the problem?

How is it possible that the chain guide git this damage?

and what causes the aluminium pice from the gropve to be destroyed?

im so sorry, but my writing is terrible. Im from Norway. 😉

So no im going to order a new oil pump chain and some new O rings.

I would be very glad if someone could answer some of my questions😀


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Welcome to the site!

You accomplished a lot so far.. I would say that the oil pump wasn't turning, for some reason, or was internally bypassing for you to have 0 psi... I don't have a manual in front of me, but you were checking it correctly? What does the manual say if no pressure is found?
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