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After market tires void warranty?

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Hi everyone,

I just recently joined the forum and must say its been very resourceful. Thanks for all the great info its nice to have a place to share heartache's and good time about the best ATV's on earth.

Anyway, I went to my local Honda dealer yesterday and was asking about some "factory sized" ITP Mudlites and was told that since those tires were 6 ply that they would void 6 month and extended warranty. They said that I would have to stick with a 2 ply tire and tried to quote me Maxxis Sur Tracks for $360 . Has anyone else heard this.

Also, if you are running aftermarket oversized tires have you experienced any axle shaft breakage or premature wheel bearings?

Oh yeah she said that it would void the warranty for, bearings, axles, drive shaft and transmission.

any input would be appreciated,
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Motion CycleSports of DeRidder, Louisiana stated that going up in tire size would NOT void the Honda warranty. The addition of a lift kit WOULD void the warranty. They offer larger tires at the time of sale. However, I would check with the dealership you plan to deal with or contact Honda for a definitive answer. Hope this helps somewhat!!
My dealer also offers an up grade to 26" tires at the time of purchase. I've never heard of the 2 ply tire rule before though. You should call Honda directly and see what they have to say. Good Luck!
if you so much as change the hand grips you have offically voided the warranty here...our dealers suck and will do nothing to help you..
Federal law prevents exactly the kind of bull those dealers are trying to pull. It must be proven that any changes you made caused the problems you are trying to get warranty coverage for.

The downside is that much of this is up to individual dealers to decide. Many dealers put all kinds of aftermarket stuff on Rincons at delivery and back those quads when it comes to warranty work.

For instance how would different grips wear out a motor or new skid plates bother a transmission? A lift kit on the other hand could cuase premature wear on the axles and CV joints; but not the electrical system.

Find a better dealership!
Thanks for the input!
if thats a problem put the stock tires back on then bring it to your dealer
If your dealer is claiming that, odds are they won't be of any help when you have a problem anyway. I've about given up trying to get my dealer to try to solve my top-end problem. They can only say, "that's normal."

Rob, I got the its the weather changes causing the lack of top end. I then told him all I would have to do is richen it up in the colder temp. He then exclamied that that speed is normal for the rincon. I told him that my rincon must have been super awesome when i first bought it because it was doing 63 the day after I bought it! Now, it does good to hit 53
RobG- Since you have about exhausted all options, how about trying a one step larger pilot jet? They come with a .050 I think. It will have to be ordered, I'm sure. I searched all over for one before I left town the other day but no one had one. I went up .0025 on my raptor and it helped. I ordered the jet kit today and if it does not help much, I will try the pilot jet route.
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