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Antifreeze leak?

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I installed a new plow on the Rincon sunday. I was trying it out and after about 15 - 20 minutes of plowing I began to smell antifreeze. Could not detect any leakage nor did the temp light come on. Anyone had the same problem or have any idea what it might have been? I am going to order a temp guage now.
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Wow, was it that warm sunday in Utah? Sunday here it was around 8-20 degrees...I know because I went riding and all the mud holes where frozen solid LOL!
Jason, It was only about 15 degrees on sunday.
You could have just warmed the resovoir(sp) up enough to smell it. It needs to vent due to the expanding and contracting of the coolant.
When making an alignment on mine they other I've seen a pipe coming out of the water pump that was leaking because it wasn't tight enought.
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