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Any one else consider switching the monitor to the GPS unit

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Has any one else thought about switching the monitor on the rincon to accomidate the new gps display?

I called my dealer a while back and talked with them again today about switching the display, but they still dont have any parts info yet, and said they were going to find out if it was possible at the dealer show sept. 10th.

I would like to switch mine I think that it would be a good clean look rather than having a gps unit up on the handle bars.
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ive heard it wasnt worth it, that you can but a handle bar one thats is a crap load better.
The Honda "GPScape" is a freakin' POS if you ask me. Totally NOT worth it even for the $200 price surcharge when buying a new unit. Go over to and look at the Garmin GPSMap 76S. This is the unit that I use and I absolutely love it. It has full mapping capability, has 24 meg of RAM to download maps into, user-programmable waypoints, a track log, etc. It's basically an overhead moving map of where you are, and the various software packages you can get for it even have many of the trails on the maps.

Then when you're ready to buy one, screw the $375 price you'll find it most places. Go to and you can get it from them for around $275. I found this place out on eBay a couple years ago and now I buy all my GPS stuff from them.

Thanks for the info Rob.....
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