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Any Rincon Riders in the UP of MI

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Any riders up here in the great land of the UP?
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Im not in the UP but I ride there almost all summer...... I love the trails up there.... The seem to go forever with different terrain around each corner.... Whats your favorite......
I'm in Iron Mountain, and I ride around here and farther North up by Houghton also. You have to love the UP for all of the trails, and places to explore.
I live in Crystal Falls and Ride all over here to almost Iron Wood it is a great place to ride, I have 26" 589's on and ice fish anywhere they just keep going and going in the snow.
A group of us are going up, from PA in a few weeks. We go to what a place! I love it.
I have a group doing the forest island trails on sept 23 and 24th... Also some bird hunting... Anyone going to be around there?
Puttin this one back on top.

Just re-checkin. I live in the eastern end of the U.P.

There is a poker run on the last saturday of the month in the western half of the UP, but that is also the trout season opener, but the rincon comes first...

I'll be on the ride...
I am actually going to the UP this Memorial Day for the first time (on an ATV). I ride the trails up there on snowmobile, when I have to, but have never rode them in the summer. We have a group of about 12 that are starting out from Ironwood/Hurley. Any suggestions for a newby?
jamie check out

we are a good group of people
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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