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Bighorn review...

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after my second ride(over 200 miles on them) here is my take..

rocks(dry or wet)great traction
wet condition(slippery stuff) good as any..
forward bite extremely good.what i mean as you slip and slide around just point it were you want to go and it goes straight,not a bunch of useless spinning...very impressed
trail mud(less than floorboard depth) very good
less slip than my atr's..
the only negative is in ruts,they do not like to climb on top of the ruts ,but rather fall into them and stay there,i watch a 660 grizzly with atr's easy climb out of the ruts were i just wanted to stay in them,not a big deal,just my observance..
you also do not get that sporty feel the atr's give you.

so for trail riding we now have 2 very good options...READ MY UPDATE BEFORE BUYING BIGHORNS..
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What kind of air presure are you running in the Big Horns. My friend has a set mounted on c-series. They seem to really push in turns (roll). He is running like 5.5 lbs.
i started high around 8lbs(i had some bead leaking problems,bent wheels)i am working my way down,i am at 6lbs now and like the feel better but like i said,you will not get the sharp handling feel of the atr's with these,yes i feel them roll some in the corners,i didnot feel it as much with the higher pressures..

after 2 new sets of rims and 500 miles i still can not keep these tires from losing air on trail in my honest opinion do not waste your money on these tires,unless you don't plan on riding much.

just for info reasons,i mount and dismount my own tires and have done many sets in the last 3 years and this is the only tire that has giving me this kind of problem with no answer to why.more and more people are coming out of the closet and admitting problems now but its too late for me,280.00 for tires 350.00 for 1 set of new wheels,225.00 for second set of new wheels(blk rincon set)and now i have to buy a new air pump(lol),my old one finally gave up,poor thing worked its ass off filling these tires....

this is not opinion this is all facts and i have many people who have ridden with me who can back it up.i am not trying to bash maxxis as much is i am trying to keep someone else from wasting their money,sometimes the truth hurts..
thanks toolman...
That's too bad that you're having air problems. I have a new set of these mounted on the Maxlite 8-spoke wheels, and granted I haven't ridden the quad yet, but they're holding steady at 5.5 psi out in the garage.

See my latest reply over in the "Why Maxxis Sucks Ass" thread for more info.

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