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Breaking in new Rincon & Oil question??

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Ive taken it pretty easy first 20 miles.I plan on cahnging oil and filter now and giving it a little abuse.Then doing it agian at 100 miles along with first maint. schedule.

What type of oil do you guys use in your Rinny's?

Also the manual says 3.1L, How do you measure the .1L?

Any info is appreciated,Thanks

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I last changed my oil at 100 miles. I know have 404 miles. I use the recomended Honda GN4 10W-40 oil. They say that you can also use GN4 0W-30. Just put in 3 quarts of oil and see if it is full or not.
My dealer told me to run 3 full tanks of gas through it, then change the oil. I think for the first change, I will take it back to the dealer and let them give it the once over to make sure everything is OK.
Go with 5w-30 or 10w-30 honda oil...and use the dip stick instead of looking at how much you poor in....
I changed mine at 100 miles and just stuck in Castrol 10w40. Works fine. Next summer I'll run Mobil 1 15w50. For winter I'm not sure what I'll use. We'll see if the 15w50 is too thick for MN. Too bad they don't make a 10w40 Mobil 1. Maybe I'll use Amsoil... If I can find it around town.

I did change it one more time at about 175 miles, but that's because I got stuck behind a polaris in water up over the tailpipe.. he got hung up on a rock and stopped, so I had to and she died... water in the pipe... got it to shore, opened up the throttle and hit the starter and watched about 2 gallons of water come out... haha... I changed the oil in case any water got in the engine. Not a drop did. Coolness...
I bought my bike two weeks, I broke it in like I'm gonna drive It. Hard and Fast. I got 520 KM on mine and takeing back in for the oil change in the morning. Haveing trouble with the back HAND brake lever and Park Brake NOTHING there at all>!!!!!!!! works pretty good it out run the Grizzy (big wheel kit) on it though...
Red Rider, I had problems with the rear brake lever too. The adjustment screw is inside the right rear wheel well. Look under brakes in your owners manual. Mine works fine know.
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