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Cheapest place to order Rin Tire???

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I put a huge gouge in the side of my rear factory tire.

Where is the cheapest place for Factory rear tire??
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Open your wallet and get rid of the stockers
How much are a set of the ATR Hole shots??
check e-bay or go to talk to matthew or todd,great guys that i ride with at times,i got my atr's for 250.00 from them...
Keep Your Eye on Ebay. I saw a set of Rincon tires with one ride on them. The bid was @ $130 for the set of four. I just got a set of never used tires and rims (all factory) for $255 off Ebay.

I was looking @ ATRs but couldn't pass up the deal on ebay (I've had great luck with the stock tires). How are the ATRs?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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