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cold weather operations

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being from wisconsin, it gets cold here.....any way, i went out to ride my rin today, after it sitting for 3-4 was prolly 14-15 deg. the machine was VERY hard to start, in fact the battery sounded like it was almost dead, anyway after 2-5 min, it finally started.....i let it sit for a min. or 2 then took off, i got about 200 yards, and the trans quit working, meaning the atv would not move, i tryed neut to drive a couple times, but nothing, then after about 2-3 we went...i called my dealer and he said to let it warm up more.... i think that will prolly work, it just ticks me off..any one else had this problem......btw the atv has 31 miles and 5.8 hours.....


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With that few miles on it I would let it warm up until the exhaust is nice and hot and it will idle without the choke.

Im in Maine and mine has about 700 miles on it and I let it warm up for 5-10 minutes while Im suiting up...
thats all fine and good letting it warm up, i am begining to think i made a mistake with this old machine does not require a warm up of 5-10 minutes before the trans will work, and i do not know of any other machie that my opinion that is horse shit.....the trans seems to be junk....should have put the rincon one in there....three speed my ass, car trans bull, how many cars have to sit for 5-10 min before driving.....

mayby i will get a polaris....
I ride with three other new Polaris Sportsman 700 and they all have a hard time getting going in the winter. If I let mine warm up while I am getting ready it is just fine. I had the same gripe until I went on one of theirs.
i understand that warming up the machine is the cure but i bought a HONDA....not a kawi or a polaris or a yamaha...the reason i bought this machine was due to the fact that honda is suposed to be better, i have a 450s with 2600 miles that i paid HALF of what i have in the rincon, and once it starts, you go.....i think one of the designers should have thought of my opinion, it is cheap...when i go get on my ride i want to go, not sit there for 5 min and wait for it to warm up.....
I have not had a problem with mine and lately we have had temps in the 20's and 30's. Maybe you should check something
i called the dealer, and they said let it warm up.....i am wondering what oil the idiots put in it......i really love the machine, but i think the tranny is questionable.....
Damn dude, Take a pill :-| It is only a piece of machinery! If you need instanious action, take up bungie jumping. You must be from the video generation, us old farts still amazed with internal combustion....
Matt the oil needs to warm up. Below 40 deg the oil needs a solid five minutes for the oil to warm up. if the oil isn't warm the Rincon will have no power and shift like shit. Your gear indicator will read 3 but you will be in 1st or 2nd.Ive operated my Rincon in minus 30 F and she ran fine but she needed ten minutes to warm up.I use Castrol GTX 10-40 regular car oil and its fine.Dont worry there is nothing wrong with your Rincon.
mayby i look at things differently, but i just shelled out 7300 for a machine that is warming up while i am riding my old 450s......

also, i have friends with others makes, kawi 650, and polaris 600, that are going to give no end of greif while i am warming up and they want to be riding....

i know that they are different transmitions, but my brothers rubi does not have to be warmed up....

i will get over it, like i said i love the bike it will just be a matter of starting it sooner, adjusting my way of doing things.....
"i know that they are different transmitions"

Your key word is DIFFERENT...If the differance in a Rincon is enough in YOUR opinion to make the drawbacks accectable, then you have made a good decision to own one, if not, you might as well get rid of it NOW and follow the rest of the pack.

My example:
I own a 99' Dodge Cummins diesel,

1.) When very cold, you plug it in
2.) It is noisy
3.) Diesel exhaust stinks
4.) Diesel pumps are always oily
5.) Diesel is sometimes harder to find.


I would not switch because my homies are hard assing me, WHY?

1.) I have 350 hp and 700 lbs. torque and get 18 MPG. (Yes its hot-rodded)
2.) It will out pull ANY-ANY! Gas motor with the same load and gearing.

Hard assing your riding buds is part of the fun of getting together, Think about the shortfall of their machines and if they give you greif, throw it back at them...

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so you would be fine if that dodge threw trans constantly.....that was to good of an analogy, cause they acctually do....especially with those hp## you must have some mods done to it to have those,

so how would the honda be superior to a kawi, or a polaris, the kawi is MUCH faster, and handles well, and the polaris rides well, ands has a very smoothe powerband....
Matt, I am not going to sit here and try to talk you into liking your Rincon. Obviously you don't like it, get rid of it and cut you losses...That is your call

As for your other comment:

so you would be fine if that dodge threw trans constantly.....that was to good of an analogy, cause they acctually do....especially with those hp## you must have some mods done to it to have those,

DUH...Of course is modified...AND the 5spd has the fully splined main shaft with the 5th gear nut up-grade.

Anything else...before I get you a Kleenex...
at least enough to get the 5 spd in the what should i tell my pals when they are giving me crap about my trans??? uuuuwell at least i dont have to change a belt....and they say, how much is a belt and how much is this trans......i think they pretty much win, and i spent 3-400 more dollars than they did......i think i just lost the argument, that is my point, if honda wants to come out with a superior product, then it should work corectly....period, not only when the temp is above this or below that...the fact is, i almost always let my machines warm up, just like i let my truck warm up,but there are times when you just want to ride......i have no problem with you, nor my atv(aside from the trans) when the machine is warm it works great, i just dont like to be told i have to let is sit and warm up,
Hey ya'all
I have an 03, and last weekend I rode in Barrier BC (where the big fire was last summer) We towed our Rincon and TRX 350 to Kamloops, parked stayed the night in -4C weather. The wind chill on the highway was a lot lower. With the proper oil in your machine, there should be no issues with warm up. We started our bikes (that took a bit as they were frozen to the trailer.) Oil is the key, and a bit of patience. Because we were in an area of higher elivation, and cold, before I left I changed the oil to 0W30 the range for this oil is -30C to 20C. for my southern brothers, that is -20F to 70F. The oil is really thin to start with, allowing easier turn over, and a quicker start.
As always, I quoted from the much UNREAD owners manual, page 116

Hope that helps

Well said, Oilcan. If people would only read their owner's manual, it would really cut down on so-called "problems". Matt, you said the temperature you were riding in was 14-15F. That is equivalent to about -9C and Honda specifically says to use 0W30 or 5W30 in this type of weather. Like Oilcan said, it's right there on page 116 of your owner's manual. I would actually use 0W30 in your situation in case it gets even colder. After winter is over, switch over to 10W40 and you'll be good to go, it's really very simple. You have to remember that your Rincon uses the same oil for the engine and tranny, so obviously it will take longer to warm up than a car's tranny, whose ATF is incredibly light weight compared to engine oil, even 0W30. If you are using the stock 10W40 oil in 15 degree weather, that is why you're having a hard time in the cold. I started my bike in -20C weather the other day, it started right up and after 4 minutes of warmup I was off. By the way, you should never start riding any ATV immediately after startup, not even a 450. 450's will drive away almost immediately but you are torturing your engine, let it warm up a few minutes. I think the Rincon cold weather startup/driveability issue is actually a non-issue. People just refuse to read the manual and take the necessary precautions to ensure proper operation. Back when I was in college, if we asked questions whose answers were readily available with a bit of reading, my old teacher would yell at us: RTFM!! You can figure out what it means. Just my opinion.
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My Rincon isn't very cold blooded. Just the other day I fired it up in the morning without the choke. That only happens sometimes. Other than that, I pull the choke and crank the starter for a second or so and she fires right up. Of course I let it warm up first, because the tranny will act sluggish if you dont and it's better on the whole engine. The tranny acts sluggish because all the oil is cold.

matt, I believe your bashing the Rincon. This OBVIOUSLY isn't the friggin place to do it! And who told you the kawi is ALOT faster, if any faster at all? Polaris has a smooth powerband? Maybe, but why do their engines sound like they are going to fall apart at only 5500-6000 rpm? Sure they ride smooth, it's got IRS like the Rincon. The Rincon is the smoothest riding one, and I have ridden a Sportsman to compare.
Matt, previously you asked "so what should I tell my pals when they are giving me crap about my trans??? uuuuwell at least I don't have to change a belt... and they say, how much is a belt and how much is this trans..... I think they pretty much win". Matt I have some advice for you. SAY NOTHING. Those "pals" are way too hardcore for you. Find some new "pals". I suggest the bridge club, the theater or maybe join the choir.
you guys miss the point, put the propper oil in it, i just picked it up a week ago, should not my dealer have done that??????also, have you ever been to wisconsin?????i can use the heater in my car in the morn, and the air cond in the afternoon.....i picked this machine up on nov 25, i should have changed the oil after a week , then paid my dealer to do it again during the 10 hour tune....

you guys may think it is whining, bashing or whatever, i just call a spade a spade,

hondaman, you prove my point.....there is nothing that you can through back on that one....because they are right.....a belt might break, but you can always put on another for 30-40 bucks, but a trans, that is going to cost....but we will see.....the thing has only been out there for a short time,and once summer comes it will be a non issue, unless the oil gets to thin and wont work cause it is too thin...
But what's going to last longer? A rubber belt or steel gears? I guarantee if cars ever used a rubber belt transmission it would need replaced every other month.

matt, if you hate your rincon so much then sell it. Stop whining to us, I know I don't want to listen to it.
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