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Coolant Leak

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A buddy and I bought a rincon at the same time about a year ago. He has about 2700 miles on his now and it has started loosing coolant. It appears to be coming from a small tube that hooks into the water pump its open on the other end. Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas about it. It's not running hot or anything.. And also whats the most miles any of you have heard put on a RINCON to date. Hope to hear from you guys!
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Yep, just had the same problem and asked about it on Highlifter forums. Come to find out, a couple other guys have had the same problem. It is a seal leaking from the water pump. It is bad and needs to be replaced. Take it to dealer, it is covered 100% under warranty. They replaced my pump and re-routed the hose up to a higher location.
Good luck.
could i ask the stupid question, why they routed the hose up to a higher location? mabey if i re-rout my hose i'll get longer life from my pump?
thanks rich
The dealer said that water and grit is getting up that hose and tearing up the seals. It's a bunch of crap, nothing gets up there, another guy on another forum tested this. There is something wrong from the factory, plain and simple.
The dealer you spoke of is correct... your friends test may have been flawed. I'll explain:

Suppose you are cruising down the trail on your Rincon. Your engine has been running long enough for all of the coolant to have cycled several times through the radiator. All of a sudden you splash through some water (perhaps a creek or pond). This causes an immediate and drastic temperature change in the coolant system (not to mention the crank case).

This sudden drop in temperature causes all of your coolant in the system to contract slightly creating a pressure drop (vacuum condition). Depending on the magnitude of the temperature differential, this vacuum may powerful enough to overcome the seal in the water pump. Once this occurs, the drain tube that exits the water pump and is routed 8 inches away to the right floor board, is effectively turned into a suction tube.

Acting like a straw, the tube sucks up whatever fluid you have submerged your wheeler in (pond water, mud, etc....).

The dealer was correct when he/she said that water and grit is getting up that hose and tearing up the seals.

By adding a longer (preferably see-through) drain tube and routing it up higher, you will drastically improve your water crossing experience.

A better fix would be to attach a small clear reservoir to one of the frame tubes near the water pump and connect the drain tube to the reservoir. Then vent the reservoir up high using some more of the clear tubing.

Good luck,

Fairbanks, AK
Mechanical Engineer
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