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Ok, I am warning you that I am about to rant and rave!! Ok, here it goes. I puchased my Rincon new and have about 150 miles on it. I started hearing a humming from the rear chunk...though that was something odd? I figured it was the disk breaks (being as I have never had disk breaks in mud ect..) After cleaning and checking the ATV it still made a grinding noise. I deceided to check the rear chunk. I found NO yes i said NO gear oil in the rear chunk!! After cussing my dealer out and telling him he would buy me a new chunk when this one died..I filled the chunk with oil. That goes to show you how well honda makes their equipment! Try to ride 250 miles on a different ATV with NO oil in the chunk...see how far it goes before it ceases or heats up and warps!! oh yeah baby.....RIDE EM RED!!! I am still pissed at the dealer....They claim that it is not their responsibilty to check fluid levels..I then showed them the $300 service and assembily charge...umm..interesting hu? Stupid ass ********!
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Ah, willing to share the Dealer's name?
Sure! If you live in Huntsville, Alabama dont go to KC's Powersports...
I think I would go a step farther and contact Honda Customer Assistance about this. You need this problem logged somewhere besides the dealer, who will just deny responsibility for it. With 250 miles on a rear differential with no fluid, I'd say it won't last long.

I checked mine when I brought it home.. front and back and engine oil and all fluids just to make sure. You never know.. I see my worries are warrented.

Of course, I also changed the gear oil after the 2nd oil change... :)
How much fluid did the diffs require when you changed them? And what did you put back in? I have about 1200 miles on my Rincon now, so I'm thinking of changing the diff fluid. Heck, I have 3200 on my Grizzly and it's about due for it's second change...

I was told that you never have to change the chunk oil unless it looks milky? Is this not true? They told me that it doesnt break down like engine oil does. When i put the chunk oil into the rear chunk I also had to put it in the front as well. I used Gear oil from autozone. The chunks aren't makeing noise now and everything seems to be in order. Do you think there might be damage that I won't notice until much later in the life of my bike???

And Acording to the manual you fill the chunk with oil until it reaches the lip of the fill hole...
Not checking the levels will come down to the tech that assembled the bike. This is part of the check list that they are to complete before delivery.

My uncle had a problem with a missing clip on his an attempted to recoop the set up charge, but no go.

I think that it is a bunch of crap that they can charge $300 to set up a machine and then will not back it up.

I attempted to purchase mine in the crate, I told the dealer that I would take all responsibility but they would not do it.

It seems that this set up charge is just something that the dealer can make money on.

Seems like a scam to me.
Jason you will soon find out that when dealing with that FAT ASS!!!! service manager at KCs that he is always right and your wrong NO matter what.

I know this from dealing with him for 25 years.

If i was you i would drain the rear chunk in a clean pan and inspect it for metal shavings in the pan. Then call HONDA
03Rincon...Do you live in the huntsvile area?? Yeah i cussed him on the phone for 30 minutes after I found out. His "tech" tried to tell me that he wasn't responsible. I then asked him how much lub goes in it...he told me he didnt know. I asked if he could find out..after 10 minutes of being on hold he told me he didnt have a manual and didnt know how much to put in ( I am stupid about mechanical things but even I know to look in the manual SUPPLIED WITH THE ATV) he told me he didnt have a manual...I proceded to tell him "do you sell atv's? you sell Rincons...Are there any on the floor?...THEN GO GET ONE OF THOSE BEEP MANUALS AND LOOK"...there was silence then he said something and went to get the manual...Long story short he and his boss denied responsiblilty but said that if it had any problems that is what the warrantee is for...ASS HOLES!
Yep i know these people well,Ive worked at a couple of the local cycle shops many year ago and have had lots of dealing with them!! most of them are HORSE"S ASSES unless you got a handful of cash. Like i said drain your rear diff. in a clean pan and check for metal shavings if their is. then load it up and take down there and demand it to be fixed under warranty.if not then refill the diff.
Call the Honda rep in your area and make him aware of the situation! nice. This is the guy that can become your best friend or worst enemy. Pick friend. Explain the situation and express your concerns for the longterm damage that may have been done and ask for extended warranty coverage (for at leat the front and rear drive mechanisms). Remember be nice. oh yeah, and don't expect him to call you right back, be persistant---but nice. Good luck.
Thanks for yall's concerners...If you cant tell I am on here alot look how many posts in such a short time LOL!!
Paying setup is theivery in itself. Paying for it then finding they didn't even do it right is like getting fisted by every member of Culture Club.

Bottom line, if they charge freight and or setup (anything BUT the quad and taxes/licensing), go somewhere else. Or walk out until they take that BS charge off. It IS a scam.

Also, as well as complaining here about the brilliant steelers you deal with, don't forget to call and write Honda to tell them about the experience.
ya it is a scam, but they get away with it,i worked at a bike shop, setting up was part of the sale price, and it should be here..... but that does not piss me off as much as this, paying for the 10 hour tune up....that is crap, i mean you fork over 7 grand for a atv, then after your first weekend of riding you pay another 2oo-250 for a tune up....THAT is bull.....

You payed $250??? I am getting it done today for $45 (without the oil change I can do that). The only part I am letting them do is the valve adjustment
Oh man, I needed that :) The Culture club reference made my day. I went to a dealer today and just bought my new 2004 Rincon and was bigtime disappointed! The finance guy tried to play me for a chump. I went over my finances before I went in and I know I have superb credit and make more than enough money to buy an $8000.00 ATV, but he insisted the best offer I could get was 10.25 % interest instead of the 6.9% fixed rate that Honda has pasted all over their website. I was pissed to say the least!! I told him he was full o' crapola and I would save up for six months and pay cash for it somewhere else. He said he would "try his best to do battle for me" with the people at Honda, but it didn't look good and I should take the 10.25%. When I told him to take a hike and walked into the showroom to leave, no more than 30 seconds later he peeked his tiny pin-head out and said that he was able to get me the 6.9%....some battle...I thought Greneda was a short squirmish...Cockroaches!
My dealer's F & I guy thought I wanted the bike so bad that an extra $200 on the bottom line would go unnoticed. I was told by another dealer that he may try to do something like this. I got up and headed for the door. He said, where are you going and I told him another dealer's name. He said to sit down and that he he needed to make money too. What a shit head. He took the extra money off and I did finish the deal there but won't go back again. I did get the Honda 4.9 for 60 months and had been preapproved on the Honda web site before going to the dealer.
I actually called before I drove to KC's (they SUCK) and told them to approve me over the phone. They said that wasnt their policy and they needed me to come in. I told them that I am not going to go there and so they berugingly did the credit check and told me I could get the 4.9% interest for 60 months and pay nothing for the first 3 months...That is why i went there and then I found out that they are just plain stupid LOL!!! at least the service department.

Oh! and I used the "$300 bonus bucks" to put against the loan :) they also threw in steel boot gaurds for the front and rear as well as a receiver hitch for i said its the mechainics that suck...I think i got a great deal on the bike itself (it was last '03 on their floor all they had were 04's at the SAME PRICE! that made it easy to negotiate lower price and extra stuff)
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