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Does anyone know what mods this guy has in the video??

1655 Views 5 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  marine I've had 5 coils cut out of the spring in the carb,other than that it's a stock machine.(I do have a winch I know that hurts a little)But I would love for mine to run like that. Would a jet kit make it run that good?? Thanks for any advice..
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Wish I did, I'd love mine to do that!!!!
That guy has no modifications. It's bone stock. I have asked him before. Mine did that same thing stock.

Yes, a jet kit REALLY helps it pop the front wheels off the ground. Mine had a slight bog like everybodies, but it would still wheelie as high as I wanted without any help getting up. After the DynoJet kit, this thing just flys right up like nobodies buisiness with just a crack of the throttle.
Yellow, If you lived closer I would make you look at mine because mine like what seems like many others doesn't wheelie without some help! I have given up on making it wheelie, I have a 4x4 sport utility, not a sport ATV... :-( that is unless someone would like to voluteer to make it run better?
Jason,after i get my brothers rincon done (installing pipe & jet kit) we'll take a look at yours.

Did you get to ride any this weekend? we missed you yesterday, Kevin & I had a blast on the mountian
I greatly appreciate that! I didn't really get to ride because my grandmother had to be put into the hospital. I wanted to call you to let you know I wouldn't be able to join ya'll sunday afternoon but I was in TN and didn't have your number with me. Hope that yall had fun! It might be slightly longer on modifing my machine to any great extent for a little while (Christmas and lack of money) LOL! Maybe you could teach me a few things about my machine!

Call me anytime!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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