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drivetrain trouble

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main seal between engine and transmission is thaught to be cut during manufacturers assembly. my 03 rincon is in the shop for this.During a hill climb of 60 degrees to 80 my transmission would stop driving the wheels even though the throttle is wide open/PINNED.As a result big red came tumbling down as fast as it went up.I've only been hit once by it but it took 4 wrecks matched by trips to the shop to finally get this diagnosis.I am leary about the transmission this rincon has climbed most hills that hillclimbing quads/guys can do and some that they can't.If this seal is the only problem,I'm convinced that this is one of the best if not the best sport tuned utility atv on the market. All of the guys I hillclimb with ride ex400's and yamaha Banshee's.I wish I could ride with 4x4 hillclimbers but I've yet to see them.
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