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dyno jet & dial a jet questions

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I have a few questions about carb settings and a dyno jet and dial-a-jet products. My wife and I live in Little Rock AR. But we go to Colorado a couple of times a year and go on the 4x4 trails outside of Ouray and Silverton (around 12000ft in some spots). I know nothing about adjusting the carburetor on the Rincon so any help will be appreciated. Would the Dial-a-Jet be beneficial for something like this and can you add that to a dyno jet. I know these are probably stupid questions but like I said I no nothing about ATV carburetors. We have always taken a Jeep out there so there was no problem because it was computerized. Also how hard are these products to install? I am pretty mechanically inclined. These are just the first ATV’S that we have owned and I don’t want to screw anything up.

Thanks once again for your time

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I have a friend who just returned from a trip to Utah.He said he was up to about 9000ft or so and the only thing he adjusted was the fuel mixture screw on the bottom of the carb.He also said there was some lack in power but not enough to rip the carb off and rejet.
I have the dyno jet and dial-a-jet on my Rinny.

First, get the dyno kit. its the best, and most noticable power increase you will see for $60 bucks. If your machine is stock, you will probably need the 144 main jet, needle clip on the second notch, and 3 turns out on the mixture screw.

The dial-a-jet ia a way of externally adjusting the fuel mixture to compensatate for drastic changes in altitude and/or temp. I have some pics of it in my sig link.

Both kits are easy to install and have easy to follow instructions. You can probably instal both in about an hour.

Its far easier to explain in person...if you have any questions, contact me and leave your number, or ill pass you mine & Ill better explain how it works.

The dial-a-jet does work as advertised. I use it to adjust my mixture/jetting from the 95 degree summer riding, to the 0 degree winter riding. After its installed, it takes about 30 seconds to adjust the dialajet.

Good luck,

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Q, which spacer/spacers are you running on the needle? Thanks!
I have all of the stock spacers under the needle and the DJ spacer on top as per the instructions in the DJ kit...
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