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exhaust mod question?

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A lot of people have done the exhaust mod on their Rincon.Just what exactly are you doing?Are you just taking the end cap and spark arrester out and adding a bigger tail pipe?or is there something else.
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Simply just changing the end cap. Going to a bigger hole 3/4" to a 1 3/4" or bigger, shorter flange on the inside of the cap to allow fuel to burn faster and a shorter tail pipe. Great mod for the money.
do you keep the stock spark arresster or just do away with it?If you do that do you just make the end cap hole bigger and add the bigger tail pipe?sorry about all the questions just trying to do this myself.
I would highly reccomend using stainless steel pipe. If you use anything else, it will rust up terribly.
thanks.did anyone turn there tail pipe down or just straight out the side?and was there enough room to turn it down?
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Haha...that looks cool. Too bad nobody makes something like that for us.
the first one i made was a single exhaust tip. nice deep tone then i made the dual exhaust system a lot more work but worth it. heres some more pics
How would that work? Since the left tip would be the first place the exhaust would want to escape - it wouldn't send much of anything through the actual pipe to the the tip on the right side.
couple of more pic.s
one more
Now I see. Awesome work Rokkorincon!
What did it do for the Rincon's performance to dual it out?
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You may have yourself a nice little exhaust system to start making for all of us on here. Need some extra cashflow?
Actually, the mod used to consist of getting a huge, long drill bit and drilling out the baffle and then adding the 2" tip to get more air flow out of the stock muffler.
roko,, we need some sound clip, vid clip.

want to hear it
i took it out today man it sounds good! it was the hit of the park. people
just come up and just check it out. the rincon is the best. i don;t have a sound clip yet but i.ll get one in the next day or two i shoud have made a couple of them but the funds were low but i.ll see what i could do and let you guys know when i do make some more
Did it give you good power gain?
yes it did seems like more top end
i think i.ll mount my v cam on the back rack and record some sound and take some video
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