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Factory GPS unit

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Has anyone installed or have had installed the now available factory GPS unit on their Rincon? When I bought mine I lacked the patience to wait for one to come in with a GPS unit already installed. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been hounding the dealership were I bought mine about cost and they keep telling me Honda Canada haven’t got back to them yet. Any info regarding cost and availability of a GPS unit would be appreciated.
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From what I hear on a lot of forums, the built in GPS on the Rincon is not worth it. I did not even consider the option. I have a Garmin Vista that works great, is easy to use and has many applications and uses. I highly recommend a portable GPS to mount on your handlebars. I would also recommend getting the cigarette adapter for any portable GPS.
Don't waste your time or money. Buy a real GPS from Garmin and you'll be MUCH happier. I suggest the GPSMap 76S, which you can get for approx $310 from (no affiliation, but I've bought all my stuff from him).

I just got the Garmin eTrex Legend and am real happy with it. It's small & light, and has a lot of neat features like "breadcrumbs" which will take you back to your truck! It also has 8 MB of memory if you want to download additional data, and a cities map system built in.
What does anyone think of the Garmin Rino 120? I have read some good things about it but am still weary as I am older and cannot see good enough to read anymore without glasses and don't wear glasses when I ride. Any suggestions would be good, but the Rino seems like a good choice of GPS and radio.
I don't care for the Rhino for several reasons...

- Small display, so hard to read
- Limited memory for map downloads
- "Transponder Mode" (for lack of a better term) only works in half-watt FRS mode

Check out Garmin's new 60CS due in January.. it's basically a color version of the GPSMap 76S with more than double the memory (56 meg), and it's USB too.

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