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Freewheeling Honda is a great dealership, they carry Honda, Suzuki, Triumph and Bombadier.

Jim Brannon is the owner and he is a rider and racer. (look up his name on the WKA website. World Karting Association)
I bought every new bike I've ever owned from him, always a good deal and great service. I bought my first one in 1980 and have bought a total of 11 since then. My 3 brothers have bought 3 or 4 each from him also.

His prices are always within reason compared to his competitors and he has a huge parts and accessories dept.

When I told him I was interested in a Rincon, he let me take his "demo" from his home and use it for as long as I wanted, told me he would see me in a week or two, whenever I made up my mind, how many dealers will do that???
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