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Front Bumper Warn vs Kimpex

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I have been looking at getting a front bumper for my rincon. Which is better and why? Kimpex or Warn. I kind of like the extra piece on kimpex that comes down in the front to add more protection is that a help or problem?
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I have a Kimpex on the way, I'll let you know how it looks, hopefully be here today.

There is a used one on Ebay right now, you might save a $$$.
I have the warn and did recently see a Kimpex bumper on a Rincon and I like the looks of the Kimpex better. The Warn however seems to have thicker tubing. If I would have seen the Kimpex earlier, I would have got that one
I have been thinking of the purchasing the Warn bumper . But I have not
seen a picture of the Rincon Kimpex front bumper yet, does anyone no where
I can find a picture of one.

You can find a picture of one at I went with the Kimpex since I am always using mine to puch my kids out of the mud or over obstacles. I think the Kimpex is a litter heavier, but it provides more protection.

Kimpex front bumper is now installed, took about 10 minutes to install and looks great, I've never seen a Warn bumper in person so I can't give a comparison but the Kimpex front and rear appear to be heavy duty enough to hold up well.
Where do you purchase a warn front bumper...I think i like the looks of it more and it also looks to be made of thicker tubbing...I should be able to push other ATV's through mud with that and not worry about ripping the front off of my ATV :)
hey rockcon,
checkout this dealer,you can get front or rear kimpex bumper for 99.95 delivered.i'm going to order both shortly.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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