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Good trail tires with more traction that Holeshot ATRs?

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My son and I went for a ride today on two of our ATVs, and we came to a hillclimb I could not climb with the Rincon. It was about fifty feet high, with a 5 foot high nearly vertical rock ledge at the top, with 6" of snow on the ground. I could get my front tires up on top of the ledge, but try as I might there was no way I could get enough speed going up this hill in the snow to launch the Rincon all the way over the ledge. The problem was that the Holeshot ATRs were just spinning madly. My son used diff lock mode and rode a Grizzly with 27" Radial Outlaw tires over the top on the first try, and left me with an inferiority complex.

I don't want big heavy Outlaw Radial tires on my Rincon, because I want to keep its sporty handling and great suspension characteristics. So I need a set of 25" tires that ride good for all of the trail riding we do, but get more traction than Holeshot ATRs.

Any suggestions?
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I run ATRs in the summer months and 26" Radial Laws in the wet months and I like the Laws as far as the ride and traction they provide. The big problem that I have with the Laws is that they seem to punchure easily. Once again, if you could combine the strong points of tires you could come up with the perfect tire for your riding style and conditions.
what about the Mudlites? They have great center lug for hard pack smooth surfaces but also have enough traction 1.5inches I think to dig in with the best of the mud tires...
I had been thinking of either mud-lites, dirt devils, or the cheaper bias ply bighorns. Any wagers on which one would hook up the best?
I'd suggest Mudlights or Bighorns.

I just put the Bighorns from my Grizzly on my Rincon... wow what a different feel they have compared to the ATRs (which are now on my Grizzly)! Haven't ridden it enough to compare, but the initial impressions are they're much heavier than the ATRs (but not nearly as heavy as my old Blackwater XTs) and the ride is softer.


Are those the Radial Big Horns and what size front and back?


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