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Have you checked your radiator lately?

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I've been hearing my cooling fan come on when I'm cruising the trails and not pushing the bike hard. Even in cold weather I hear it cycling when I didn't think it should be. I gave the bike a thorough look over this spring changing coolant hoses, antifreeze, wire in a 12 volt outlet, tie rod ends, steering bushing, lubing and cleaning brake calipers and decided to remove the rad to check and clean it. Wow! It's never been off before and it was time.
FYI...What a PITA to remove it !
After a good soak with dawn dish soap and thorough rinsing, it should work normally again. :)

Another FYI.....if you ever change your coolant hoses or remove them, the rad spouts are very soft and will distort as you try to remove and twist/pull the hoses off.


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RV supply stores often sell a little plastic wand with a 90 nozzle on one end, and a garden hose attachment and quarter turn valve on the other- intended to be inserted in the drain plug of an RV water heater to spray out scale.

I find it super handy for spraying out ATV radiators. Just remove the side shroud to get in there.
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