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I know it's, but winter isn't too far off. If anyone is in the market for heated grips and a heated throttle, look no further than your local Arctic Cat dealer, yes, you heard right, Arctic Cat. They have a kit that comes complete with the heat tape for the grips, the heated throttle element, replacement grips (with Arctic Cat logo's, so I re-used my stockers), all wiring, switch, etc., and pretty decent instructions. The total cost was $69.99 and it took about an hour and a half to install. The most time was spent removing the grips from the machine, routing the wires, and deciding where to place the switch. I ended up putting the switch on the left side of the black steering well housing as it was easily removed for drilling and convenient to reach from the saddle. This is a nice set-up because both the grips and throttle operate off of one switch.

My machine was already wired for a winch, so it was easy to identify which ignition wire was "hot" only when the key was on. I drilled a 1/8" pilot hole in the frame in front of the steering column (left side) and used a self tapping sheet metal screw to attach the ground.

The only thing that wasn't included was epoxy to reattach the grips. Don't know if it's even necessary, but I bought some high temp epoxy at AutoZone for $4.00.

Just and FYI, I've had both types of heated grips in the past, Hot Grips and the heat tape, and I beleive the heat tape actually gets hotter. Almost too hot to touch on the high setting with bare hands.
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