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Honda 450R

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I was Wondering if any of you had any review websites or personal experience with the new 450R ATV. It looks pretty cool other than the fact that there is no electric start (however, when making 'race ready' atv you need as little weight as possible). My old 250XR dirtbike was kick start...really not a problem except on really cold days..and if you were riding a bike in snow or really cold weather you were asking for it...70+ MPH in 10 degree weather IS NOT FUN! lol...Now, riding a utility ATV at moderate speed in bitter cold is fun.
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I just found this website...Gives a really good review:
very fast I like mine,but it's hard to find places to ride sport quads.
I have a buddy who has one and I have rode it quite a bit. It is very fast and a lot of fun. If you want to ride hard and fast this is it. I have riden 250r's Suzuki quad racers, Banshees,.... and this thing overall is really an awesome machine. It is not for anyone faint of heart or faint of forearms as thing will work you hard. It needs a little lower center of gravity for better cornering and I have read that the yamaha YZF 450 is a little better out of the crate, but do you want a Honda that is really gonna last or something else? Just my opinion, but I don't think you could go wrong.
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