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I have some very exciting news!!!

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I was talking to Don from Diamond G Racing. They are the ones making the Holeshot and Unlimiter Modules for the Rincon along with a performance exhaust.
Here is what he had to say.

"We have been testing the holeshot module for the last 3 months and we have found the Rincons ignition to be very retarded. Honda left a lot of h.p. and torque out of this machine and we are working on putting it back in. The rumors of parts breakage are true, but if the holeshot module is used it will be toned down before release to the public. Soon we will be testing with our unlimiter module, this is for 30 mph performance up and I am confident the Rincons drivetrain will be able to handle the power with no problem."

"I do know that the timing actually goes through 2 speed senors and is heavily regulated, even when the timing is at full advance it is still too retarded for good performance. We will be offering a slip on exhaust that makes a very big difference in performance, this is one of the most plugged up atvs we have ever tested. Our exhaust is not a universal type that exits under the plastic it was built from the ground up and exits out the rear, completelly made os stainless steel, and will never need repacking. The exhaust will be available first then the ignitions."

I can't wait. The way he talks, the Rincon is one of the most detuned quads out there. It is fast now, just imagine what you will be able to do after you get it to it's full potential! I will be one of the first people in line for these modifications. Just think, you will be able to smoke the mighty P650 (maybe 700 also) and the Grizzly. Man this is going to be fun.

The thing about the modules is, they actually won't hurt the reliability of the quad. They advance the timing. The timing is so retarded now, it produces alot of heat and wears out the internals. So in the long run, advancing the timing may actually help the engine last longer.
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Im going to get one when they come out, im sure you are too. LOL.

I will definitely be up for that!! Bring it on!
Lol...I am almost pissed off about how much Honda detuned this beast. Just think of the PURE power it could have if they didn't detune it so much. I mean my god the timing can't even advance it enough for full power!!!

Matt, thanks for the pics of the Rinny. I like the look of those blue guards and might get some, sometime.
Did he say at what time this stuff will be released to the public?Soon I hope.
Well, they have been having a few problems with getting the Holeshot tuned just right so it won't break parts. I expect to see something in the next couple of months at least.
yellow650... your welcome
650, you heard anything on the Holeshot and Unlimiter Modules yet?
Nope. And I am tired of Diamond G beating around the bush with them. They still say they are in testing or some crap. I wouldn't expect to see them for awhile. But, I do think they should just go ahead and come out with the Unlimiter because they aren't having any breakage issues with it.
I received this email last week from them:

If progress continues at this rate, mid to late spring
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I would rather it take months then to be rushed out of the door. Do you think the eta will be in the summer?

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Hi Ricky, [email protected] on a product like this takes months, it is way to early for pricing or an e.t.a at this time. I will keep everyone updated as we progress


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I saw your post from last month concerning the ignition unites for a Honda Rincon. Is there an eta and pricing available?
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Does Diamond G have a web sight?
It should be
I know its not out yet, but what would the price range of this system run?
They said around $100 awhile back, but no one knows for sure.
Where is our ECM located on the bike??? Back by the battery??
Yes. Behind the battery box. You can see it by taking out the air box. It has a 32(i think) pin connector on it, with some transparrent-white plastic covering the connector. The connector is pointing towards the front of the bike.
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