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If you had a GRAND to spend???

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Ok Folks,
I have a stock Rincon and I just got clearance from the tower (the wife) to hop it up as my birthday gift. If you had a grand to spend what would you do to a stock Rincon? I do mostly trail and some mud. Let me know where you suggest I should buy in order...
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I would get a set of Big Horn Radials and get a High flow airfilter and get Jet kit for it.Probably a rear hitch receiver and a warn front bumper.

Then I would take the extra money leftover and throw myself a big party.
But thats me,Good luck and Happy Bday!!!
Happy Birthday...

I agree with Rinny03 with the high flow air filter and jet kit. will probably be your best price. I hear the MBRP exhaust system is good. Then if you have more money. 26 or 27 inch ITP Mudlites and a 2" lift kit.

Those are next on my list. Tires, exhaust and lift. Let us know on what you go with.
PRM Protection package...Tires...Jet Kit & Air filter... And thats about $900, then when you get more $$$ get a Warn 3.0 winch and MBRP Pipe.
note: if you ride alone in areas that have alot of mud, I would get a winch sooner.
This is what I am thinking I should get...

1. 26" Mud Lite XL, I'm Guessing $400 total with shipping maybe less.

2. K&N air filter $50

3. DynoJet Kit $50

4. Ramsey ATV2500 Winch $350. If the winch will fit in the warn bumper?

5. Warn front bumper $120 some odd buck.

6. Kimpex Rear Bumper. $80 some odd bucks.

I know that's over by a little bit but what the heck you only live once! What do ya think?
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You should be able to get 26" Mudlites for under $300.I paid $272 total for 26-10-12S and 26-12-12s.
Where did you pick up the Lites Okie?
I just ordered my Mudlites got them for $278 from my local dealer through parts unlimited.Hey Rhino looked at the site from house of Rhino and loved the video of the Rincon doing wheelies from ATV extream but i couldnt find there web site.Also the Rincon in the video seemed to have no trouble riding wheelies I cant get mine to do that with my jet kit and filter what gives?
Rhino, I got my Lites from
they are near St.Louis Mo.But another site is
they offer free shipping on 4 tires,yet another is ATV Tires Plus,an Ebay store
Hey honda4fun,
I am thinking he has the tires over inflated. I am not sure but I think it may help pull wheelies. I know it helps doing "bicycles" (riding on one side). I also looked for the site and it seems to be gone. Funny but the videos are still there...
Get the PRM protection first. You can't go far with a hole in the case or stuff underneath busted up no matter what tires and hop up stuff you use.
PRMs are the best. There are some pictures on my profile.
Dude!!! I know something is oddly wrong because there is no way my Rincon will pull wheelies like that!! well, I am going to put more air in the tires and see if it helps...but MAN!! that was some awseome footage
Personally, if I had 1,000 to spend. I would buy 715cc big bore kit with cam, exhaust, have the timing advanced, and put disc brakes on it. :) But, I'm just plain looking to haul ass and show up the 400ex guys. :-D
I would bribe MUDCHUCKER... give him the 1000 and purchase his frikkin cdi. I feel like a kid waiting for christmass. I swear .... if I find out santa is not real anfd I am not getting one of these I am going postal on someone...
Happy B'day Rhino! Whatever you decide to get for the Rinny, leave alittle to take the wifey to dinner.Spoil her and maybe she'll let do somemore mods.
hehe... take a look at the date of the original post...looks like not only is this a 3 year old thread, but Rhino's B-day is the first week of November...
ok the thing you should put on it before you even take it to the woods is skid plates....i have ricochet and they were 379 for EVERYTHING....

THEN id put a warn bumper ... 150
radial bighorns...350

thats almost 1000 but when you get some more money id go with a filter,jet kit, and exhaust to wake the beast up!
It's along time till November,hope Rincon_Rhino got something 3 years ago.
well.............what did he get?
Wonder if he a member 3 years
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