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I installed the ITP Blackwater XT tires with C-series wheels on my Rincon. I am happy with them and wondering if anyone has had any experience with these tires before.



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I know I answered this on another forum, but I will do so again here for others' benefit...

I have these tires on my 2002 Grizzly 660. With about 2700 miles on them, they're just about worn out. I think I have maybe 1/2" of tread left. These have been outstanding tires and I will probably get them again. They're good in the sand, good in the snow, good on hardpack, and good at rock climbing. They're okay in the mud, but they aren't mud tires (and I don't want mud tires).

I especially like how soft they ride. They really smooth things out, though at the expense of total cornering ability.

All in all, they're great tires.

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