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ITP Holeshot ATRs

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How are the ATRs? I figured they'd be one of the best all around tires. How much does the ride/handling change compared to stock? How are they in mud and snow?
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Im considering them also.Since I just plugged my second rear tire.Are the stock tires paper thin or what?

Ive heard some people have had problems with their ATR's,something about them not sealing to the rim very good.So I am a little hesitatnt.

Any info would be good.

I have ATRs on C-Series wheels. Mine do leak a little air, but I haven't figured out where. I'm going to slime them, as that should take care of it.

They're outstanding tires. BUT... be forewarned. The ride gets stiffer. Initially you'll go, "what the hell did I just do?" but after a hundred miles or two, the tires do soften a bit and the ride becomes very acceptable. You'll be amazed at how well it handles with these tires.

Rob, how many miles do you have on your ATRs? How fast are they wearing? I am considering getting them, but have heard that they wear to fast and have been told they wear slowly.
I have about 800 miles on my ATRs and yeah I can see they're wearing, but they don't look bad at all. At this rate, I expect to get about 2200-2800 miles out of them. I heard about fast wear too, but I sure don't see it.

I've gotten over 2700 miles out of the 27" Blackwater XTs on my Grizzly, for comparison. They're about 2/3 to 3/4 worn at this point.

Another tire to consider is the new Maxxis Bighorn Radial. BUT... I've heard they're a lot "softer" and so they may not compliment the Rincon's handling as well. I think the ATR is THE tire for the Rincon. If the ATR hadn't beat the Rincon to market by so much, I'd swear it was made especially for it.

I am also running the ATR's, but I have them on Douglas rims, have had no problem with air leaking out of them, as far as wear they are good at 400 miles, of course that isin't alot.Now as far as snow we hardly ever get any so I cannot answer this one, but in mud they surprised me,I was quite impressed by the way they pull. I will have to agree with the other gus about the tire for the rincon, although it may seem to be stiffer it handles alot better, you do not have all that tire roll, hope this helps
Rob, it's just too bad the Rincon didn't come out with them!
Is anyone running the Holeshot ATR's on the stock rims? And is anyone using the same size front & back; for example 25x10x12? If so, any clearance problems?
Repeat of the last question. Are you guys running the 8" on the front or is anyone running the 10" all the way around?
Thanks Greg
yes i am using stock rims,no losing air problems.900 miles on the fronts very little wear,the rears were replaced after i got a couple of sidewall punctures(lots of sharp rocks that day)the rears will wear alot faster(makes sence).great!!!! handling,the faster you go the better they do..

i am only running 8's on the front.
Toolman would you say the Holeshots are better than the ITP Mudlites?
Holeshot ATRs are the best for Trails

Mudlites are better for mud and muck.
What if a guy went with the 25in. Mudlites? The lug depth is quite a bit less vs. the 26 and 27in. versions, so would it act more like a stock tire rather then a true mud and muck tire?
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