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Jet-Kit Screw Up

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Just completed my Dyno-Jet Kit installation, when I find a small hose originating from the bottom of the carb bowl hanging loose. This hose has a PCV looking unit in the middle of the hose. It appears to have 6” of hose on each side of the filter. Someone PLEASE help. Where does the other side go to, it is clean on the end, so it goes someware!?


Mr. Non-Observant

PS, it appears to run GREAT, very peppy.
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I don't know if it hooks anywhere, it should just hang down out the bottom of the quad. It sounds to me like the hose that drains the bowl, and most generally it just hangs out the bottom.
If that is the case, why does it have a valve in it?
Because the valve is in the bottom of the bowl. If you look from the right side with the small panel removed you will see it facing you at the bottom of the bowl. Turn counter clock wise to drain the bowl; first shut off the tank valve or you will slowly enpty your entire tank. Mostly used to drain water if the quad gets submerged.
sorry a double post
Yes, that is the drain tube for the carburetor bowl. It doesn't really hook anywhere, it just kinda hangs there. I don't know why it has the "valve" thing at the end of it. Maybe it's a fuel filter or something? *shrugs*
OK, thanks everyone.
It's the carburetor drain hose and the valve is a one-way valve.

The hose routes behind the motor and through a metal loop guide connected on the side of the motor near the pull starter handle.
Great, Thanks
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