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John Deere's new ATV

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My friend works for John Deere and said he road the new John Deere ATV at one of their meetings. They would not even let him take a picture of it or take any information on it but said it will be out soon. Bombardier is making it for them. Just thought I'd let you all know.
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VERY interseting...wonder why John Deer is letting bombardier make it for them?? Wonder if this is just a myth LOL
Sounds like this may be old news, based on this Press Release from early this year:
Here's a link for the pictures.
Yeah it's a Traxter basically. I suppose they might have a green and yellow Outlander eventually too.

I've never been real impressed by Bombardier's ATVs, but they make killer snowmobiles.

I wouldn't know about snow. I live in alabama and NEVER get to see much snow. When i do see snow its the kind with grass sticking up through it because its only .5 inches or maybe 1 inch if i am lukcy...the last snow storm we had was in 1985 we got 2 feet of snow!!
John Deere bought part of bombardier. Bombardier sold parts of their company this summer and the recreation end was one part they sold to free up some money.
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