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Just For Fun Honda....Middlefield Oh

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Great place for everything. Large showroom,friendly sailspeople and a great service area. My wife and I live a mile from a Honda shop I wouldn't buy a sparkplug from. But I'll jump in the truck and drive the hour and 15min to this shop just to shoot the bull. We talked so highly of it that our friends collectively have bought 7 quades in the last month with one more maybe tommorow. Our salesman Scott loves us.The shop is only a few months old but they are doing a great job.
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I know this is old but i was viewing old posts and came up on this one....Being an owner of my company, i know how important customer service is. I bought my machine from them and still have them service it. These guys will help you with problems before they tell you to bring it in. With them it's not so much about money but service.. I Have to say these guys are on top of their game, Brian- Manager/owner has been nothing but a friend. I will keep on working with this team.... Great big showroom and their service Dept is as clean as the showroom. Nothing but professional. Hats off to this crew.
Tell you a story; my wife surprised me about a year ago with my Rincon for our 10 year wedding anniversary. She had no idea what to buy. After getting advice from several friends and misc. dealers, she decided to go with a Honda (the Rincon). While she was talking with Brian, and telling her how scared she was to buy something that I might not like; He told her to have me ride it for a few days and if I don’t like, she could return it. Sold !!! I thought that was nice..
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It is nice to hear that their are still dealers around who believe in customer SERVICE. Where I live there are 2 Honda dealers, both within 20 minutes of me. I had forgotten about 1 of them when I bought my 2 ATVs. The one I bought my bikes from is bigger busier and there services shows it. Not very good. The other one is getting bigger because their service is real good. I recently brought my bike to them for it's first service. When I brought it in(didn't have an appointment) they asked if I needed it back soon and I said "I'm in no hurry". Well the next afternoon they called and said it was ready. I was shocked. The other place used to keep my bike for a week at least. When and if I buy another ATV or motorcyle, I'll be going to see these guys for sure.
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