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K&N Installation

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Those of you who have installed K&N air filters on your Rinnies, tell me about the installation & the results. Specifically, does it just go in the airbox in place of the stock setup or are modifications needed; do you have to make any carb changes due to the K&N; what performance gains have you experienced due to the K&N; what about cleaning intervals compared to stock? Thanks.
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If you buy a K&N, I would highley suggest a Dynojet Kit to go with it. The air filter installation is very easy, put it right in where the stock one goes tighten the clamp and that's it. Some people trimed up the parts of the aix box to help it fit better, but I didn't have to. I woud suggest using a prefilter, you won't have to clean the filter itself as much.

The Dynojet kit contains an assortment of main jets, a shorter carb spring (for quicker thottle response and gets rid of the bog), a new needle, and a shim for the needle. There are instructions telling you how to do it, but if you have never done it before I can instruct you how to do it.

With both of these modifications, it gets rid of all the low end bog it has right off the line. It will wheelie with no problem. It helps it mostly in the low and mid range. You will also notice quicker revs with the filter and jet kit. Tell me what you decide on and I can help you out.
Hi Rocky4x4 and Yellow650Rincon,

Yesterday, I bought a 2003 Rincon (new) and I was reading about the modifications with the K&N and Dyna Jet. How hard is it to get to the carb? I haven't had time to look at it yet, but it sounds like it's worth doing. Thanks, Karl Gillard, Lake Charles, LA
The first time I rejeted my Rincon, it took me about an hour. I have since been tweaking it out and can do it in 15mins! I have never been in a carb before either I should point out. Just go for it, it's a good learning process.
Just take the seat off and right in front of the airbox is the carburetor. It's got a big silver circular cap on top of it. You can't miss it. I actually didn't take my carb out when I did mine. I left all the throttle cables and such hooked up and just flipped it over to get to the bottom and stuff. If any of you guys decide to go ahead and do the DynoJet, I will help you out and instruct you on how to do it. I may also put the instructions on my website soon.
I now have the instructions on my website. Click on the link to see what it takes to install it. DJ Instructions
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