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Loaded Rincon

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Just wondering...I've read lots about the trail prowess of the Rincon, but I'm wondering how it performs, particularily the suspension, when both the front and rear racks are loaded to the maximum (or beyond). Does the Rincon loose much ground clearance when loaded?

My wife and I like to do backcountry exploring on our ATV's and often the front and rear racks on our Quests are loaded down with gear & supplies.
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If you have a large load on the rear it will squat and be pretty much like a straight axle machine.
how do you mean "like a straight axle machine"? in terms of ground clearance? ride comfort? or both?

When the Rincon is fully loaded, how much GC is there? do the shocks bottom out over bumps?
I have drove with a 200lb person on the rear rack and a 200lb person on the front rack with some tools before. I was only going through some small slow trails, but it didn't seem to affect it and it didn't bottom out or anything.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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