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Maine the way God thought it should be

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Nothing wrong with Maine, with four very diffrent seasons from Blackflys to -20 degrees below zero. Thousands of miles of atv and snowmobile trails to ride, not to mention the hunting and fishing.
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I am not sure where you are located in Maine but my in-laws live in Boothbay Harbor, ME. Do you know of any legal riding in that area. I travel to Maine twice a year from New Jersey.Thanks
I'm next door in NH. Since the reciprocal registration is gone, how much for out of state and are the trails year round in Maine? thanks for the info...
It cost $69 to get an out of state registration for your atv. It will last from June of this year until June of next year.
Sounds good except for the -20 degrees part.
I love livening in Maine,sure its the most taxed state in the country but its worth every penny.I am not bashing other states, just saying when I get up each day take the dogs out and sit on my bench and look down into the fields of my 118 acres and every now and then see deer at the woodsline, I say to myself Maine worth every dam penny of my tax's dollars just telling you how I see it lol ps the wife and 2 dogs like Maine too lol.
Sounds nice but NY is the most taxed state in the country.....just look at my
you might be right about that but maine has to be second lol. trust me if there is a way to tax somthing maine will do it.but all in all its worth every dam penny.
I rode aroosrook county in the fall, and now i'm buying a new ride. The trails up there are hands down the best. from graded pea stone railbeds, to tight muddy trails, and anything in between. great riding
I have to agree with Maineman. There are some great trails here. Everything from hardpack to mud. I can get on a trail right behind my house and go just about anywhere.
Hondamatic, where did you go in aroostook county? I grew up there and there are some great trails there as well.
I went up to washburn with a few other guys from CT in oct04. If everything goes right, Ill have a new rincon in 5 weeks.
Stayed at sledquaters in washburn...nice cabins.
My sis lives near naples, and hope to explore those trails this summer. I'll just get in with the club.
I got nothing to add to this thread... just trying to get my nickname on all the active topics... again ! woot! its friday !!
Washburn is only about 10 min from where I am from. Nice trails there.
I'm new to these boards and this will be my first post. As a native Mainer who has gone away and came back, it seems like an appropriate thread to shout Hi to everyone.

I took my 05 Rincon out for the first time last week and was reminded that Maine is indeed a sweet place to ride! Even here in the Augusta area there are plenty of trails to be riden...most are pretty dang wet at the moment. All the more fun!
I have only been to Maine once. I stayed near Moosehead Lake. It was awesome but I didn't have an ATV to ride at the time. I would love to riding up there.

This is a great site, I am sure you will enjoy.
Thanks for the welcome. Moosehead is indeed a great place. I've spent many an hour sitting on that lake waiting for flags to pop-up, most trips haven't disapointed. I've iced a few nice salmon.

I've never done much riding up there, only on the frozen lake. I will have to look into taking a trip up there soon.

Anyone ever riden near Moosehead?, if so, let us know how it was.
I haven't riden near there yet. I was in Jackman for a month working and I know there are a ton of trails that way. It's nothing but woods out that way.
I keep opening this thread looking for pictures of "Maine the way God thought it should be". Come on guys !
I got my digital camera after the snow started. I haven't had a chance to scan some of my other pics yet. I'll get ya some shortly.
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