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Maxxis Bighorn Radial / 589 M/S

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Ok, I belive I have eliminated the tire selection down to the Maxxis Bighorn Radial (only comes in 25") or the 589 M/S (26") tire. The reason I would like the larger diameter is for a slightly higher ground clearance.

Does anyone have any experience directly with these two tires? I will go with the Bighorn if it is stiff enough of a tire that the sidewalls dont collapse like the stock and some extra ground clearance is obtained...I just want a tire that is hard compound (i do some pavement riding to trails) that grips well has decent ride (doesn't feel like the tire is square). For the price I am very tempted to go with the 589.

Any comments would be appriciated, although it will be untill after I get tax money before I get some tires, and a ramsey winch (with wirless remote i am lasy!)...hehe


and YES I am a looser with the most posts on the forum... :-(
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HA Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser

Jason, No I believe Yellow650Rincon has you beat!!!! HIS (269) To Your (201)
I am guessing that not a soul here has any input on the Bighorn radial?

Rob, I know you have a set, how do they perform? I read where you said in your other forum that they bit in better than the blackwater's and caused you to have to you have any review's of these tires (on the rinny would be good to)...
i have the big horns and they suck,they lose air constantly,i have tried bead sealer and EVERY other thing known to try and make them work,they just keep losing air from around the bead.yes i have bought another set of rims also.

as of right now i am talking to thad at maxxis we are trying to get together on a time frame so these can be returned,they want to see whats going looks like they will replace them with another set,it hasn't happened yet but hopefully it will..they know they have a problem they just aren't sure if its a mold or compound issue,so they are contacting people at the other forums(atvnation for 1) and trying to get a few sets back for testing..
if you get a set that holds air they are a great and i mean GREAT tire,but if you are one of the unfortunate ones and they do lose air you will not win this battle,i know for 4 months and 800-900 miles i have put up with this,i have burned up 2 air pumps on the trails with these tires,the guys i ride with are amazed i still keep trying to make them work.but that is how good they are when they hold air it is almost worth the aggrevation,although i do have a set of goodyear radials on the way to replace these incase maxxis fails to come thru..
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Sounds like I should wait until they get this problem with the mold resolved. And then RUSH out to buy a set because they are working well for you when they hold air? I am glad to see that maxxis is claiming ownership of this problem. I have delt with companies that refues to help you unless they think they might get a lawsuit after them then they listen to you. Sounds like maxxis is playing a fair game and willing to help you out.
we will see so far it has not been any help,just alot of false promises..but i sure hope they come thru..of course i was suppose to keep quiet about the mold problem..oops...
My Bighorn Radials hold air just fine, but do be forewarned that you could get a set like mine that are great, or a set like toolman's that don't hold air.

The Bighorns are 26" tires even though they claim to be 25". I recommend using the rear tire (25x10x12) all the way around if you're running aftermarket wheels, because the fronts are too narrow.

I currently have the Bighorns on my Rincon (on Maxlite 8-spoke wheels)... normally they're on my Grizzly but I wanted to try 'em on the Rincon. I prefer the ATRs for the Rinny because they're lighter and handle better.

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