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Guys I emailed Maxxis to get a few things cleared up, such as the leaking air problem, and the rumor about a 26" and 27" tire size!...well here is there response back!

Hello and thank you for contacting Maxxis.

Yes, we have researched the leaking problem and found the problem was
how we shipped the tires in bundles of three, which caused slight
deviations in the bead area. We are now shipping tires individually,
not bundled, which has cured the problem.

Yes, we are introducing new 26" and 27" Bighorn radials and they will be
available in May......stay tuned.


Scott Griffin
Specialty Tire Manager

I am very pleased now! I will be getting the 26" bighorns instead of the mudlites! OOH-RAH!!!

Mike, you might want to hold off on your tires and get the 26" size for a bit more ground clearance?
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