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MBRP Feedback

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Has anyone installed this pipe yet...Lets hear some reports
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i ll have mine this week and let you know
Where are you guys getting them from...I need a DJ kit as well.

Does it install where the stock one went or does it go straight out the back on the left side??

What prices are you paying..

Hey Q,I got my DJ Kit form Rocky Mountain ATV..I think it was like $45.00..Another member posted a number of a place that has MBRP for $269..I've been meaning to call all week,but forget the number everyday!
Let us know about the pipe.. especially the noise level. Since I will be doing a lot of plowing, I don't wanna torque off the neighbors with too much noise.

Also, is this a slipon, or header as well? That sock header is SO small, and narrows behind the engine cover to about 1.5"! That cant be good. :)
Thanks Wood...
I Just finished installing the dynojet kit and the MBRP pipe and I have to say "WHAT A SHOCKING IMPROVEMENT" I had to hold on to the bars alot tighter when I pinned the throttle. The low end power is so much better,I can hardly beleive it. No bog just responce. I know all of you that are waiting for your MBRP will love it, what a nice peice. The Dynojet recomended setting is perfect,...e-clip in second groove...Stock washers below clip...kit spacer on the top...the new slide spring...# 148 jet...3 turns out on the pilot screw (after screwing it in all the way) Well,enough for now it's time to go for a longer test ride.
DRincon-OK You did it you have pushed me over the edge.I picked up my K&N airfilter and prefilter on Friday and ordered the Dyno Jet kit.

I ve been debating about the MBRP but I am not going to be able to hold out.Im just going to order it and get it over with.

By the way how loud is it in your opinion??

Thanks for the input,

It's not as loud as the HMF or the BIG GUN and I think that it the quietest of all of the after market pipes that I've heard. This thing is SWEET!
Sweet, so where did you get it at, and if you dont mine me asking, how much


Ordered mine today.....I'll let yall know how it turns out as soon as I get it. Mine cost $318.00 including shipping from also highlifter has them for $299.00
I take it it's probably louder than the stock muffler with no spark arrestor, right?

I just installed the DJ Kit..

I went with the DJ 146 instead of the DJ 148 because I have the exhaust mod and not the MBRP pipe (should be slightly less flow)- DJ recommended a 144 with stock pipe so I went in between...

I am also still running the dial-a-jet. I also only went 2 and 3/4 turns out on the fuel screw instead of a full 3 turns.

Now, the front end is as light as a feather...It comes up easily with the Mudlites on. After riding it a little, I dont even know if I need to get the power tech...if the front was any lighter, it would be dangerous.

Maybe my exhaust/muffler mod flows better than I thought it did...

Is yours coming up with those heavy-ass radial outlaws on it??? Of course, you have the winch for added weight in front and I dont as of yet...

I just dont know if I want the front any was that big of a difference....
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DRincon- Does the $299 include the Spark Arestor?

Did you install the Spark Arrestor with your PowerTech 4?

Let me know,Im going to order one this week.

Q, after doing my powerkit my front end is feather light also. It revs really fast now and everything. Today I took the e-clip from the 2nd notch and moved it down one to the 3rd notch. It helped my mid range quite a bit, and didn't really change the low, it's still got TONS of wheelie popping torque from a dead stop.

I used the DJ144 jet, and it still runs rich. I am guessing that I can go ahead and do the exhaust mod and leave the 144 in. But, I need to call the exhaust shop back so they can order me some 1 3/4" stainless steel. :)
That sounds about right...that mid range may be keeping you in the rich zone..

Just keep an eye on it, you may need to bump up to a 146 if your pipe is a full 1 & 3/4" like mine, and if you remove enough muffler baffle...

Im running a dial-a-jet on mine as well which also richens it up a tad...

Generally when two settings run about the same, you get better performance using the leaner one.
03, I did use the arestor and it is included in the $299.00
So I am ready to spend some money and buy the full set-up (pipe, jet kit, filter, prefilter) can you boys tell me where is the best (and most importantly, cheapest) to order this stuff. I plan on getting the MBRP pipe. Thanx...
caz41...this is what i have so far and the prices i got.

DynoJet kit from HL.................$46
UniFilter from$21
Future...MBRP pipe from HL..........$299

I probably didnot get the best prices but i thought they were good enough.


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