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MJ recv. sys, Warn 3.0,. PRM Sskid plates, Warn Bumper LONG

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Well ten hours later and it is all on. No one I talked to knew if these pieces would work together. They do, but it takes some time and effort to make them fit each other. I think this combo adds a quite a bit of proctection and capability.

The Montana Jack receiver system bolts up easily enough. The wiring is slow tedious work. And although the hitch pieces are Rincon specific the electrical pieces are generic. It would have been nicer if all the cables would have been the correct length for their suggested mounting locations. They are all too long, which creates a hassle with what to do with the extra. This is a very solid mechanical setup for towing or winching. It is expensive but well done.

The Warn bumper fits with the receiver in place. The access for reaching the pin, bolt and plug become tight due to the cross members on the Warn bumper.

The biggest interference issuse involve the PRM plates. The nose plate is a little wider than the lower arms of the Warn bumper want to accept. A few minutes work with the 4 1/2" grinder solved that. I had to cut a notch in the turned up rear end of the belly plate where the rear receiver bolts up. And the PRM front arm guards need some trimming so they don't hit the front receiver as the front suspension flexes up.

It was a lot of work. not for those that want a simple bolt on. You need some tools, drills, saws, Dremel.

I feel that the Rinnny is now well protected and more capable of going into the unknown. If anyone needs more info let me know.
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pix pix pix
Thanks Greg for the info...

I was recently wondering about the Montana reviever...I have also heard the same glitches on the PRM stuff, but it is still hard to beat...I havent seen anything better.
I agree with matt...PICTURES!! :)
Ok guys I took some pictures today and will get them up in a day or two.
Ok guys, go to my profile for the pictures of it. If you need any more info just ask.
Thats awesome. Nice and Clean! Good Job!
hey gusy, i am looking at getting one those warn question is, is tha bumper strong enough to use for pulling, like if i get stuck, can i tie on to it, the main reasn i would put this on is for that, my 450s is great, losts of places to pull, this rincon is a bit lacking in that area....

Very nice photos
I haven't tried it and won't since my quad has the MJ receiver.

The Warn bumpers lower mount is pretty stong; two decent size bolts 90 degrees to the direction of pull. There are two small bolts through the front about 1/4 inch (metric) in the direction of pull and the top two into the rack mounts are small and 90 degree to the direction of pull. It is these top for that would concern me for holding up to heavy pulling.

My opinion is that they might take some medium pulling; but I am also glad I don't have to count on the bumper holding up to it.

thanks, i am thinking of putting a winch on just to have a solid pulling platform...
Nice Job parkgt,I like the way the winch is up high and dry.When I get a winch I will mount it on a 6" drop receiver turned upside down,to keep mine high and dry also.Photos in members section
Thats very nice...clean. Where did you get the receiver???
The receiver is part of a system from Montana Jack's;
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