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Mobil1 15w50 in winter?

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Just curious. Looking at the poor temps for Mobil1 15w50 comared to 5w30 there isn't really much of a difference.

I wanted to use something like Mobil Delvac 1 5w-40 in the winter, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I want to switch to synth.

I am just wondering if 15w50 may be too thick for the winter.. (even though it seems "runnier" than dino 10-40 when cold). I use it in my Z400 all year with zero problems. I may just give it a try to see. (I'm in MN... get's kinda cold, but ATVs are in an insulated shed, with the heater on to melt snow after rides..)
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Never mind.. I found synthetic rotella T 5w-40 at Walmart... even better! Giddyup... 12 bucks for a gallon. I bought 3. :)
Don't use anything with "Energy Conserving" contents in them. I used Castrol GTX, it has the energy conserving stuff in it and I can feel a small slip into 3rd gear sometimes.
some one told me it is in the factory honda service manual not to use anything synthetic i personaly did see the manual my self , anbody else see it?
this is for my last post it was suppose to say i DID NOT see the manual sorry for any confusion!
Delvac and Rotella T are not EC oils. They're heavy duty synthetic oils for gas and diesel engines. What some call the best oils out there.

The manual doesn't say don't use synthetic. You heard that from someone who doesn't understand the difference between synthetic and "EC or ECII".
When this came up, I emailed Mobil and asked about the Mobil1 15-50. Here is their answer I received yesterday. "Mobil1 MX4T 10W40 is the recommended product for your ATV applications.
Mobil1 15W50 is not recommended."

Look here......
Has anyone used any of this stuff yet-Mobil1 MX4T 10W40 ???

Sounds like I may be swithcing next oil change.
Of course they'll suggest an oil that costs more. That's just good marketing! Others and myself had had very good luck with Rotella -T 5w40 synth.. Esepcially for colder days.
I pulled down the Mobil 1 technical information and the oils are basically the same except for one additive which is better for at handling heat. Mobil 1 says that the motorcycle oil was designed for air cooled engines and the regular Mobil 1 was developed for liquid cooled engines. The other technical information was almost identical.

Ridge Runner
Regular Mobil-1 has friction me, I went through this with them several years ago when I had my 660.

MX4-T is the only Mobil-1 oil listed that DOES NOT contain friction is specifically designed for 4-strokes with wet clutches.
They label on the regualr Mobil 1 does not indicate it has friction modifiers. I ran it in my Raptor and never had clutch slippage. Doesn't mean I won't but it hasn't yet. On another note, I put the same Mobil 1 in my Honda 2000i generator. Ran it for a weekend and then checked it. I was shocked to find it looking bright yellowish in color. When I wiped the dipstick on a paper towel, it was very yellow. Then checked the Raptor and it looked like regualr oil. I dumped the oil in the gen. and replaced it with 30w Valvolene, ran it, changed it again to get the Mobil 1 out of it. I don't know the cause but it sort of rattled me. I have ran the gen for 3 days straight since then and every thing seems to be fine. I guess I need to emai Mobil again and get their response. A few years ago I had problems with Castrol systhetic in a Mustang and got no help from Csstrol Have not bought Castrol since but that is another story.
Has anyone tried the Quaker State winter synthetic blend 5W-30.Also does the Rincon have clutches ?I thought they had a torque converter just like a car.I guess I'm confused,
BVStone- I don't see how a diesel oil could be good for our quads... I like the weight, but the additives to control soot, and the friction modifiers can not be good... do you have inside info on this?
Festus, I have the service manual and it says you can use either GN4 oil (regular 4-stroke oil) or HP4 which is synthetic oil.
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