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Okay, so now two of the three local area Honda ATV dealers are unwilling to help with my low power problem that's been the subject of much debate here. BVH, the dealer I bought the thing from, is totally worthless.

So then I tried Renner Equipment in Fallon, NV recently and it seemed like they might help. That ended up going bust when they never returned my calls, and when I called today to follow up, there was some newbie there that wanted me to tell him the story all over again. Pass.

So I called Michael's Cycle Works in Carson City and spoke with a really nice guy named Steve. He sounded like he knew his stuff and was intent on helping me. We'll see. Anyway, we're setup for an Aug 10th appt to drop off the machine so they can start on it.

He told me about a Foreman 450 they recently worked on and found a very peculiar problem with it that they wouldn't otherwise have found were it not for somebody paying really close attention -- the "Bank Angle Sensor" was bad. He likened it to the equivelent of a Crank Position Sensor on a car. Interesting.

So again, we'll see how it goes THIS time.

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